Dr. Swarnendu Baksi

BOOK: “Francorama” : Solely authored by Dr. S. Baksi and published in June, 2011 (Goyal Publishers, Delhi), “Francorama” is perhaps the first UGC-NET level (2nd paper) question bank-cum-commentaries book for French in the country (with above 2500 questions) covering all phases and areas of literature, language, phonology, linguistics and myriad other aspects of the culture (all the arts, history, geography of France and the Francophone world as well as translation and methodology of teaching. The book has been well received in India and accepted by the libraries of various departments and libraries including that of Sorbonne Nouvelle3, Paris. In January 2016, the second edition of Francorama, revised and expanded, was released at the Delhi International Book Fair with 2900 + questions.

ARTICLES: i) “ Le francais a l’ICG : les balises, le decollage et le vol en avant”, a seminar article written by Dr. S. Baksi was published in “Parenthesis”(a journal of interdisciplinary research in language and culture) brought out by the department of European language, literature and culture studies.

                ii) "Blessed to be cursed : four poems in defense of poets from the lair of Baudelaire" was published in vol.2 of The IIS University of Journal of Arts in 2013.