The awareness about the strength and the depth of the vast and fascinating world of Francophone nations, with their remarkably variegated cultures and their economies - beckoning Indian companies, travellers, students and business professionals not only to France but also to Canada and to Cambodia, to Gambia and to French Guyana, to Switzerland and to Senegal – has long been generating great enthusiasm and interest for acquisition of French among the well-informed and cosmopolitan Indians. Our department functions with the mission to create both connoisseurs who can appreciate and spread the appreciation of the graceful language, the great literature and the culture of France and the “Francophonie” as well as to offer to the world language professionals ready to start working in the myriad prestigious and well-paid jobs that our globalized economy offers today. The department was founded and affiliated to Rajasthan University in 1995, started functioning as a full-fledged department in 1999, adding to its student strength and courses, went through the challenge of autonomy, intoduced the semester system in July 2012 and is poised to implement the UGC-CBCS from July 2017. The current strength of students in this thriving department (all courses taken together) is over 630, making it, in terms of student strength, one of the top five departments in this rising university and it has two permanent full time teachers. The department and its members play an important role in strengthening, supporting, and furthering the promotion of French language & literature in this zone.